Monday, April 16, 2007

Urgh! of Joy

If you read or watched any news today, you undoubtedly know that it has not been a good day for humanity. Or at least not a good day for college students. Icky stuff, that.

However, there is a bright ray of joy in my world tonight. I arrived at work this morning to discover Tom had brought me a copy of Urgh! A Music War. I had seen bits and pieces of this post-punk, new wave concert film about twenty years ago, but now I own it! Comprised of almost forty performances from around 1980, the film showcases good 80's music... the stuff that grew out of the punk and glam movements of the late 70's and ever-so briefly made a splash before music took a decided turn for the worse around 1985 or so (The Replacements, REM, U2 and others like them notwithstanding, of course). The Police, The Go-Go's, XTC, Echo and the Bunnymen, X, The Cramps and Devo are just some of the artists featured.

I'm watching it now, and I am so happy. Thanks, Tom!

Sadly for me and pretty much everyone at work, though, Tom is now on a six week vacation. Yay for him, but boo for us. Honestly, we're not sure how we'll make it.

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