Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Our Easter Bonnets

Well, as you can see, we weren't actually wearing Easter bonnets. However, this afternoon Bill, Kim, Ben, Sheela, Serena, Anne, Keri, Denise, Paul, Mark, Wendy and myself all gathered at The Rex Cafe on Polk Street to enjoy a lovely Easter brunch.

And let me tell you, it was delicious.

Everybody got along swimmingly as we munched and drank our way through the early part of our day. I also brought along an Easter basket, so we're probably all going to crash down from our collective sugar high later this evening. This photo, taken with my new digital camera, by the way, probably could have used the assistance of a flash, but all I can say is that I didn't snap it myself.

Then, after I got home I caught the end of Easter Parade on Turner Classic Movies. I'd missed most of it, but I did get a chance to see Judy Garland sing "Easter Parade" to Fred Astaire at the end of the film. I adore that movie.

Okay, I'm off to work in an hour. Love, Peeps and Happy Easter, my darlings!


Fabulous Patti said...

I didn't even get an invitation. Geez, you move away and are immediately forgotten. Thanks alot.

Sassy Hair said...

Ah, family. If it makes you feel better, Bill and Kim asked after you, as did Anne. You know, you could have invited us all down to Los Feliz.... maybe we wanted to take an Easter road trip.