Monday, April 09, 2007


Want to hear something gross?

I figured you would. The radiator in the front hall of my apartment building had some sort of unfortunate accident this weekend. As a consequence, it has been leaking a ton of water, and the carpet around it is completely saturated. And I mean saturated. To the point that our front hall has become a big, squishy swamp. Apparently a plumber has been called to fix the radiator and ring out, I suppose, the carpeting, so it should all be dry soon. Until then I would not recommend anyone check their mail or answer the front door of this building in slippers.

Squishy hallways notwithstanding, I am in a very good mood. Tax returns are not even due until next week, but mine was filed weeks ago, and I have already gotten my refund! Of course, that money has already been spent, but you'll be happy to know that my recent trip to Hawaii was fully funded, and the union dues I'll soon have to pay will be taken care of quite handily.

I wanted to go to The Marsh tonight for a staged reading my friend Wendy is doing, but I had one of those super short turnarounds between work shifts today, and I am exhausted. I just went for a short run; I'm about to practice my singing; then I'm off to bed. Sleep is a very good thing, so even though I'm sad to miss Wendy, life is looking pretty fine right now.


Fabulous Patti said...

From your description it would seem as though you need duck shoes to check the mail. And I'm hoping that they actually replace the carpet or else dry or not you'll be in mold central and won't know why you're always coughing like you have allergies.

Jon said...

I had my whole basement like that once. It was not a good thing.

I left you another note at Terry's again. I am such a brat.