Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baseball, Beer and Impulse Shopping

So the Giants lost today. Are you shocked? However, the baseball game was really fun. Paul, Denise and I were settled into our seats by 1 p.m. (a special thanks to Sheela for the tickets), and it was all good times from there. I have been steadfast in my resolve to only drink two days a week, but I might cheat a little this week because I have a lot of social activities to attend. Regardless of whether I cheat or not, I decided to have a beer or two at the ball game this afternoon.

Or three. Anchor Steam, Heineken and Blue Moon. Yummy.

I may have mentioned before that the thing about drinking less is that your tolerance drops significantly. At least mine has. So after three beers today, I was... let's call it very happy. Once the game was done, we stopped in Borders, where I bought two paperbacks (including the novel pictured above) and some Jelly Bellies for me and Paul. Books are a very good thing, so that's all well and fine.

But then I wandered into Betsy Johnson.

Luckily I got out with only a pair of shoes, but they are shoes I don't need and can't exactly afford. Well, I can afford them, but I was doing a very good job of keeping to my self-imposed budget until today. Ah, well. They are cute and very comfortable, so I know I'll wear them. See what happens when I drink during the day?

My impulse shopping done, I'm now in my pajamas and am in for the night. I was going to see John Doe at 12 Galaxies tonight, but Tom needed to flake, and I predict I'll be asleep by about 9 p.m. So John will just have to make do without us this time. I think he'll survive.

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