Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Taste of The Ocean State

With all due respect to any present or former New Englanders who may be reading, I must admit there are scant few things I miss about my years living in Rhode Island. Of course I miss Brown. If I could live my life as a perpetual undergraduate, believe me, I would. That, however, is another story. I also miss my friends who still live there: Josh, Sarah, Dolby and Pea, as well as Ted in Boston and Wendell in Portland, Maine.

That's pretty much it. My amazing college experience aside, the years I lived in New England were not my best, and I never fully meshed with East Coast culture. I'm much happier here on the Left Coast, thank you very much, and I rarely crave anything from New England.

Except, that is, for Del's Frozen Lemonade.

Produced in Cranston, I believe Del's is only sold in Rhode Island. However, every June, a Cranston native now living in the Bay Area pulls out his Del's cart and sells the soft frozen goodness at San Francisco's annual North Beach Festival. This afternoon, I took advantage of my break at work to walk up Grant Avenue and procure frozen lemonade for myself, Joe and Tihanna. And boy, was it delicious. The North Beach Festival may be famous for other reasons, but for me, the biggest draw is the frozen lemonade.


After work tonight, I'm going to... wait for it... a bachelorette party. I actually loathe bachelorette parties, but I do very much like Mindi, the bride to be in this instance. So I'm willing to participate in this antiquated, embarrassing and ridiculous ritual to celebrate her. I'm also supposed to go to a party at Bridget and Shannon's, but we'll see if I make it. I'm a little older and now somewhat less able to cram too much fun into one evening.

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