Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Recognizing That Life Is Good

Yesterday was as a close to a perfect day as I believe I can expect in my world right now.

Well, I ate way too much, but that's why the day was close to perfect, as opposed to simply perfect.

It all began with a visit to the spa. After an hour of cardio in the spa gym followed by a delicious steam, I took a dip in the pool and hot tub, then lounged poolside. That's actually where the overeating began. I ordered lunch, which I often do at the spa. However, instead of choosing my usual smoothie and salad, I selected a cheeseburger and fries. I didn't eat everything because the portions were huge, but still. Perhaps I should continue eating light while visiting the spa. I'm just saying. My belly full (very full), I then indulged in an 80-minute facial, along with an eyebrow wax.

Now, I would consider any day that includes a spa sojourn to be a good day, but yesterday just kept getting better. I later met Higgins to sing with him and learn more Daydrinker songs. And guess what? I had considered my rehearsals with Higgins to be auditions, of sorts, but he says I am a member of the band. Consider me an official Daydrinker! And Higgins is a real musician with tons of experience. So there's nothing fake about this band.

I've always, and I mean always, wanted to be in a band. So I'm going to make sure I practice a ton and keep up my voice lessons, lest I let the boys in Daydrinker down.

After band practice (did I mention that, apparently, I'm in the band?), Higgins, Jayn and I met my friend Emily at Kezar in Cole Valley for drinks. Emily and I have been trying to get together for weeks, and it was very nice to see her. Over lots of wine, the four of us discussed all things pop culture, as well as other important topics. Emily and I then parted ways with Jayn and Higgins and indulged in Thai food on Haight Street (thus continuing the overeating). It was quite yummy.

All of that and I got home at a reasonable hour. The next time I'm feeling glum, I'll have to remember this day and remind myself how good my life really is.

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