Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Size of A Cow

Officially, that's the title of a most excellent song by the Wonder Stuff (if you don't know it, get yourself to a record store or iTunes immediately). Unofficially, it is an apt description of me tonight.

Gourmet Group met this evening at The Slanted Door for dinner, and boy did we make the most of this gathering. Imperial rolls, spring rolls, shaking beef, lemongrass tofu, claypot chicken.... those are just some of the dishes we ordered. Frankly, I'm surprised there is any food left in the restaurant. I'll be digesting this dinner for the next three months, and alas, I don't think there's enough exercise in the world to work off all the calories I ate tonight. But let me tell you, it was sooooo worth it.


Tomorrow, providing I'm not still too full to move, I'm going to a Giants game with Denise and Paul. Then Tom and I might see John Doe at 12 Galaxies tomorrow night. On Thursday, I'll be catching up with Bridget and Shannon for happy hour, and on Friday, Terry, Sheela, Ben and I are planning to pay Club Deluxe a visit. All of that will to wait, however, until I feel like I can button my pants again...

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