Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Is All You Need

Happy birthday, Summer of Love. You're 40 this year. You're a little more grey but also a little wiser and a little more settled. You've learned a lot of lessons and are ready to impart your wisdom to a new generation of eager youth.

In theory, anyway.

Given that I wasn't born until late 1969 (and for the record, even that makes me feel old), I obviously missed the Summer of Love and have never attended any sort of Human Be-In. However, I hope that in the terrorism-filled, cynical, ever-growing death toll in Iraq, cyber-connected world of today, we can remember some of the more well-intentioned ideals inspired by the music and philosophies of a peace-loving counter culture four decades ago. For my part, I think I am going to celebrate the anniversary tonight, during the summer solstice. Favorite Bar is having a Summer of Love party, and I think Sheela and I are going to go.

All you need is love, my babies.

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