Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fifth Avenue Has Nothing on Us...

Two posts in on day? Well, in fact, yes. Last night was Julie's birthday extravaganza, and today is Easter... which means my annual Easter brunch tradition. I've been brunching at the same Russian Hill restaurant every Easter Sunday for the last decade, and at this point, some members of the restaurant's staff have come to expect me. Easter 2011 saw my aunt, uncle, two cousins and three of my friends joining me for the festivities. While no one was wearing Easter bonnets, we created our own parade around a table of yummy food, delightful drinks and excellent company. Play your cards right, and perhaps you'll be invited to brunch with us next year.

Mimosas: the brunch beverage of choice.

My uncle David, aunt Mary and friend Steve.

My cousins Adam and Anna, who also happen to be father and daughter.

Of course there was chocolate, courtesy of Mary.

My lovely friends Mary Beth and Carla.

Salad with pecans, gorgonzola and flank steak. I could eat this salad every day.

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