Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mission Birthday Saturday Night

My friend Julie's birthday is this weekend, so of course we had to gather to celebrate. I donned a pretty fuchsia dress and joined the kids at Puerto Alegre on Valencia for margaritas and snacks. Once we had our fill there, we walked the party a few blocks down Valencia Street to the San Francisco Underground Market for champagne and more snacks. It was all very Mission hip and very reminiscent of my first few years in San Francisco when the Mission was my only nightlife destination. All these years later, the Mission remains one of the City's best neighborhoods and surely knows how to host a great party.

Jimmy, Birthday Girl Julie and Roxanne.

Tom, me and Carla.

Julie and her birthday cupcakes (which were amazing, by the way).

Margarita and a cupcake: meal of champions.

The San Francisco Underground Market in full swing.

Norman, Andrey and Carla.

Olena and Julie in a little mood lighting.

Some of the artwork that lined the Underground Market exit.

A self portrait I snapped upon my return home (and nearly blinded myself taking because I used the flash).

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