Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Like the Jeans...

Big news, gentle readers: this is post number 501 on this little chronicle! I only know that because Blogger told me I had 500 posts before I began this one. I suppose most people would have noticed earlier and made a big deal about post number 500, but that would have been so... typical, wouldn't it? And I'd like to believe I am anything but typical.

Anyway, I am writing this, the 501st post on All Things Sassy, from Waikiki. I'm on a little Hawaiian vacation this week, and it has been just lovely. So far, many hours have been spent on the beach (hiding under a sun hat, but that's just good sense), enjoying champagne in the middle of the day and singing a few songs in the evening.

I've snapped some photos along the way and will post them when I return to the mainland. Until then, enjoy this beauty I took with my cell phone yesterday at Ala Moana Beach Park. When you think of me over the course of the next six days, keep this image in your head. It perfectly illustrates my afternoons here.

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