Friday, April 15, 2011

Lovely Engagements

Well, dear readers, it appears that love is in the air! As is commitment. My friends Olena and Kevin have gotten engaged and had a little engagement party at Infusion last night. Ole and Kevin are just the cutest, sweetest couple, and we, their friends, couldn't be happier for them. Here's a photo of the soon to be husband and wife taken last summer at Andrey's birthday party in Las Vegas (I didn't take any pictures last night). Ole and Kevin are seated in the center and on the right. Andrey's mom is the woman on the left, and Andrey is behind the couch.

As for me, I'm not getting married anytime soon...not that I know of, at least. However, I am pretty fabulously engaged in life. Sober Nixon's rehearsals are going swimmingly. This week our guitarist Kenn binged (his word) on all of our songs, practicing and practicing until he had most of them down. He is such a good musician, and while more rehearsal is necessary, his guitar work sounds great. Add our drummer Ryan to the mix, and we're like a real band or something. I'm so excited for us to play a show! Once we're ready, of course.

In addition to music, there are just so many fun things going on these days. Plus, my Spring trip to Hawaii is fast approaching. I literally am counting the minutes until I will be lounging on a warm beach for eight delicious days. It will be so lovely, as it always is. If you ever want to improve your mood instantly, I recommend taking a little jaunt to Hawaii.

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