Friday, July 07, 2006

The Magic Power of the Spa

My one 2006 New Year's resolution was to treat myself to a spa day once a month. You'd think that's a resolution I easily would have kept, but I went in January and hadn't returned since.
That is, until today.

Last week, during a rather emotionally hard few days, I decided to revive my spa tendencies. I actually used to go to the spa a lot. I wouldn't always get a specific treatment, but three years ago, I did at least hang out there once a month or so. It's really healing and balancing for me, especially since mine is a brain that never stops going. So this morning, after seven straight days of work (in my business, holiday weeks often result in more work hours, as opposed to fewer), I went all out and had what I call an Everything Job. They call it the Nirvana Treatment. My two hours of bliss and ancient healing included a botanical body mask, aromatherapy oils, an herbal wrap and herbs and oil for my hair.

Before Nirvana I took advantage of the spa's little exercise room and did 40 minutes of cardio followed by a quick visit to the steam room. And once I'd reached Nirvana, I spent more time steaming and soaked in their spa whirlpool as well. And of course there was time to enjoy the poolside lounge.

I am so happy.

My skin is soft, my eyes are big, bright and clear, and my hair feels better conditioned than it has in months. And what was it that was bothering me so much last week? Oh, who even remembers now? That's it. I may not indulge in Nirvana every time, but I will become a regular spa denizen once again.

The spa was also the perfect antidote to the horrible, terrible, awful play I saw last night. You know I love theatre, but this show is a travesty. The acting is actually really good, but it is wasted in a script filled with totally gratuitous nudity and violence and frankly, the abuse of one of the characters. If you like that sort of thing, line on up. But in my opinion, this playwright's work should never be produced again. Ever. There. I've said it, and I'm not taking it back.

But that was then, and this is now, when life is nothing less than wonderful. My sojourn at the spa over, I am about to meet Denise in the Haight for some bonding and a book reading by Beth Lisick, an incredibly talented writer and spoken-word artist I know. Then Ann Marie, Tom and I are going to see The Plimsouls at Cafe du Nord.

This just may be the best day ever.

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terry said...

hah...funny about the play...

guess it's a good thing i didn't go out of my way to try to see it.