Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Theatre That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 7

Restoration Comedy at the California Shakespeare Theatre

I actually saw Restoration Comedy on Saturday night, but I first had to give love to my boyfriends and World Cup champions, the Italian national soccer team. I am also a little embarrassed to admit that, prior to Saturday night, I had never been to a show at Cal Shakes. Not only is that a large oversight for any theatre devotee, but considering I used to be an actor and have about a million actor-friends... Well, it is just plain egregious that I hadn't seen one of their productions until now.

I must say I picked an excellent inaugural show. Restoration Comedy is an adaptation of two 17th century plays, and the result is tremendous fun. Fast paced and full of giggles, this show is eye and ear candy for the smart, artsy set. And here is the best part about Cal Shakes: the shows are performed in a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre where the audience is allowed to bring snacks! And libations (read: booze, if you will)! If you don't come prepared, they have a well-stocked concession stand. What, I ask, is better than watching a good play under the summer sky with a glass of red wine in your hand? Not a whole lot, in my book.

It also didn't hurt that Elijah Alexander, who plays a character named "Mr. Loveless" in Restoration Comedy, is so charming that I developed a crush on him within his first ten minutes onstage. Granted, he's no Italian soccer player, but who is? (And yes, I promise to be over my Italian soccer team fetish very soon.)

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