Saturday, July 29, 2006

And Back Home Again

My holiday over, it's back to the grind once again. Actually, while the East Coast Sassy Tour of '06 was much fun, I'm delightfully glad to be home.

As my vacation rolled to its end, I got hit on by two more guys in the last 12 hours I was in New England. I get chatted up regularly in San Francisco, too, but goodness, what is it with these Eastern dudes? Have they never seen women before? One of the guys was making conversation with me in the airport bar; I was watching the baseball game before my flight out, and he had just gotten in. He told me he was stopping at the bar for a quick drink on his way to baggage claim. Now that is one serious partier. Or alcoholic.

Once safely on my home coast, I met Gretchen for a late lunch at Mario's on Thursday. A little later Ann Marie and I grabbed a drink at Favorite Bar before moving on to Tunnel Top. I couldn't stay out too late, though, because my first day back at work on Friday began about two and a half hours earlier than normal. I went in early to chat with comedian Darrell Hammond. Honestly. It was an official chat, but a chat nonetheless.

I have the best job ever. Most of the time, anyway.

Then last night Ann Marie and I went to see X and The Henry Rollins Band at the Warfield. And because it's my life, we, of course, randomly ran into a couple of guys I know from high school at the show. Keep in mind that I went to high school some 350 miles away. We chatted with them for a while before they made their way into the mosh pit. Also keep in mind these two guys are about 38 years old. I guess mosh pits know no age limit. Or something. Actually, they're really nice fellows, and I hadn't seen one of them since we were in high school. So that was fun.

As for the concert itself, I'd never seen The Henry Rollins Band before. They were okay. While I respect his career, I'm not the hugest Henry Rollins fan. But it was fun to watch him bounce around the stage like a punk rock cartoon character. Literally. X was, of course, fabulous. However, Ann Marie and I are such old ladies, we wished X had performed before The Henry Rollins Band so we could have gone home early. As it stood, the whole concert was over by midnight. As I've said before on the space, relatively early shows are the beauty of seeing aging rock stars perform.

Tonight I'm staying in before embarking on a big week of socializing. I'm going out with Helen tomorrow, hitting a live music show with Denise and Paul on Tuesday, cocktailing with friends on Wednesday and then going to an art show on Thursday. Just a typical week here in the City by the Bay.

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