Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 18

Blogger is still not allowing me to post images. This is going to drive me to drink. Wait, I already do... Well, maybe it will drive me to stop.

Hot Clip and The Fabulous Entourage at The Independent

There is nothing better than curling up with music you love, but sometimes it's nice to play the field and meet new music. I had never heard of either Hot Clip or The Fabulous Entourage, but that did not stop me from accepting an invitation to go see them with Paul, Denise and Keith last night. After a quick drink at 821 Divisadero (Denise and I had champagne cocktails, and hers featured chocolate!), we wandered into the Independent to be wowed.

The Fabulous Entourage were already playing, and I fell in love with them immediately. Much like the B52's, they combine over-the-top theatrics with genuine musical talent. The two female singers have amazing voices, and the songs we heard were very fun. Unfortunately, since we had arrived late, the set ended very quickly. Ah, well. That's what record stores and the internet are for.

By the time Hot Clip took the stage, the place was packed. And boy, did the crowd dig this band. Lots of sweaty, happy dancing filled the Independent on this night. Paul very astutely compared Hot Clip to The Farm, and I'd add a little Depeche Mode to the mix as well. There's something rambunctiously fun about a little modern-Brit disco.

There was another musician between The Fabulous Entourage and Hot Clip, but he was so bad it was, frankly, embarrassing. And since this space is not intended for disparaging others, I'll keep his identity to myself. Plus, I don't actually remember his name. After the show, I saw him working the merchandise table, which made me wonder if he had traded some volunteer labor for his place on the bill. He had a good voice, but in my opinion, it wasn't performance talent that got him his slot.

After the concert, we went to a new bar/restaurant nearby for late-night snacks before heading home. I had donut holes with rum caramel sauce. Can you say yummy?

Plus, as an added bonus to my music consumption this week, I was on my way to the gym today when I strolled upon a mid-day concert at Union Square. And as it would so happen, the band performing was one of the 600 bands Pat Johnson, a musician I know, plays with. So I got to say hello to Pat, whom I haven't seen since in several months, and indulge in a little pre-workout entertainment. Unfortunately for Pat and his bandmates, the floor show of... um... audience members was as entertaining to me as the intended show. But I enjoyed it all. Gotta love a free daytime concert in San Francisco.

Now on on my way to the sing-along "West Side Story." Yes, you read that correctly.

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