Sunday, August 13, 2006

Totally Worth It: Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 19

The Loved Ones at Bimbo's 365 Club

Given my continued surgical recovery, probably one of the last things I should have done was take my sutures and bruised abdomen to Bimbo's for live music last night. Especially since I also started back at work yesterday. But that's exactly what I did. My return to work was probably a few days premature, as well, but that's another story. I had thought I would be in better shape by the weekend, so Adam had already bought our tickets. But Bimbo's wasn't crowded; I didn't dance or drink; and in fact, I sat for most of the hour and a half we were there. Still it probably wasn't the wisest choice I've ever made.

That said, seeing the reunited, original Oakland lineup of The Loved Ones was decidedly worth it.

Their bluesey mod-rock is top rate, but you have to see the performance of frontman Bart Davenport to really get the experience. Bart also plays solo and with Persephone's Bees, but honestly, this was the finest I'd ever seen him. Add the cooler-than-the-room presence of amazingly talented guitarist Xan McCurdy, who is now a member of Cake, and the show was perfect. I pretty much instantly developed a crush on Xan, but he is a such a serious smoker, he drags on a cigarette while playing. Okay, it did look cool, but that seems to me like a one-way ticket to lung cancer.

There were actually two other acts on the bill last night, but I can't tell you too much about them. Adam and I arrived in the middle of the first band's set, and I needed to take myself home as soon as The Loved Ones were done.

This was at least the second time this year The Loved Ones have gotten together for a show. So if you happen to notice they're playing again, do yourself a favor and go see them. If I can be happy that I went four days after surgery, imagine how ecstatic you'll be if you catch them.

Of course, I am now canceling social plans I have for Monday and Tuesday nights. I still have to work, but I think I should take care of myself and put the socializing on hiatus. Again, live and learn. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to catch DeVotchka at the Independent on Thursday with Ann Marie. Missing them would be nothing short of wrong.

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