Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is There Anything More Fun...

... than the Sing Along West Side Story at the Castro Theatre?

Survey says: "no."

That's what I did last night, and I don't think anyone on the planet was having more fun than those of us in the Castro. At 6:30 I met Fabulous Patti, two of her co-workers, two of her co-worker's friends, my co-worker Emily and Emily's husband in line for the big show. Once comfortably seated with our Junior Mints and goody bags the theatre had given us, we were ready to showcase our supreme vocal talents. And people really did sing, especially me. I employed particular gusto during "Tonight," "Somewhere," "America" and "I Feel Pretty." Of course, my gusto was no match for the gentleman who did an interpretive dance directly in front of the screen during "Pretty," but then, I'd say no one was any match for him.

The absolute highlight of the evening came when Natalie Wood, as Maria, said to Tony, played by that actor whose name I don't remember, "When you come, make sure you use the back door."

That is an actual line from the film, and you can imagine what kind of response it elicited from an audience in the Castro. Here I thought West Side Story was a family film.

I don't care whether you like musicals or not, you are cheating yourself if you miss Sing Along nights at the Castro. They're screening Sing Along Grease in December. Maybe that's what I'll do for my birthday...

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terry said...

how did i not know this was happening??? "west side story" is one of my favorite movies of all time!


oh, and richard beymer played tony.