Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Slowly Back To Normal

Today I did something I haven't been able to do in eight days: I went to the gym.

If you regularly visit this space, you know I love to exercise. So today was a big day for me. Unfortunately, I was relegated to the stationary bike, my least favorite cardio machine. And I am not allowed to lift any weights for another three weeks because my surgical recovery still isn't over. But it felt really good to sweat. I also took a nice long steam afterward, which was very luxurious. Just wait until I can actually go running again. That will be a really good day.

In related news, I am taking bets on how much weight I will likely gain as a consequence of my procedure. While I haven't been exercising for the last eight days, I certainly have been eating. A lot. Plus, even though I have the green light to exercise again, it will be a little while before my workouts are as frequent or intense as they had been. So my guess is about three to five extra pounds of Sass. What do you think? I'll probably be too big a chicken to actually weigh myself, so you may not get to collect your bet.

Once I'm completely recovered, I think I'll invest in a trainer at the gym for a little while to really get back in shape. I could use a trainer anyway, and not only will professional workout assistance improve my exercise regimen, but it will be part of my New Attitude. I'm a very happy person, but some noise and clutter in my head have been leaving me a little blue lately. So I'm going to take steps to eradicate that noise while I tone and trim my post-surgery physique. Exciting stuff on the horizon for Sassy.

It all begins now with baby steps. Tomorrow I'm going to back to the gym for more cycling, and then I'm getting an eyebrow wax and a pedicure. When you don't feel up to doing much of anything for several days in a row, even the little things mean a lot.

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