Sunday, August 20, 2006

Celebrity Night at Favorite Bar

To continue celebrating my progress on the road back to normal health, I decided meet Helen, Erin and Jack at Favorite Bar last night. Generally, I far prefer Favorite Bar on a weeknight, especially a slow weeknight, but I was willing to tolerate the weekend amateurs this time. Besides, Jack is about to leave for a lengthy trip to Asia with his girlfriend, after which he may move permanently to New York. So I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to hang out with him.

I arrived just after 9:00, and Emily joined us a few minutes later with her new British squeeze in tow. I was kind of tired and a little crabby at first, but the lovely and charming Emily handily pulled me out of my funk. Her Brit is a very nice fellow, as well. Jack and I also chatted about his possible relocation to New York. We've decided that if he moves, I'll have to visit him so we can go to the Algonquin and exchange Round Table caliber quips over lunch and cocktails. Honestly, that would be the perfect pastime for Jack and myself.

After about an hour or so, Emily pointed out to me that Sally Struthers was just a few barstools down from us. Once I saw the woman with the fierce blonde perm, I observed that she was taller and larger than Sally, so maybe she was actually the offspring of Sally Struthers and Shelley Winters. Two celebrities in one; does it get better than that? Emily excused herself and the Brit soon after, and at about 12:15, while I was practicing quips with Jack, I noticed another "celebrity" in the early Sunday morning Favorite Bar crowd. I was in the middle of telling Jack to check out Bill Murray making his way through the bar, when I suddenly lowered my voice and added some genuine urgency.

Because it really was Bill Murray.

Word has clearly gotten out about Favorite Bar if actual celebrities are starting to embrace it. Bill settled against the wall with the two young women and three young men who came in with him and mostly just looked around. Because we have class at Favorite Bar, no one tried to talk to him or otherwise harass him. But everyone was talking about him, as well as flagrantly staring. Favorite Bar is not very big, so he was hard to miss. I think that became clear to him and his entourage fairly quickly because they soon left without ordering any drinks. The sad part is I don't think either of the bartenders ever saw him, let alone got to earn a Hollywood-level tip.

Now, I run across celebrities every once in a while through work, but I have to admit, last night was pretty exciting. You don't generally expect to see a talented actor bellying up to your favorite watering hole. At least I don't. And Bill's visit created an electricity throughout the place. But now that the Hollywood elite has discovered it, I certainly hope Favorite Bar doesn't end up in the tabloids (although some of the dysfunctional dudes who hang out there too much would make decent gossip rag fodder, even though no one knows who they are).

P.S. Blogger has told me they have no idea when my problems posting images will be resolved (it's on their end). This may mean nothing to you, but I continue to be annoyed. Until then, I guess I'll have to live with only being able to post images sporadically. Personally, I think the posts are more interesting and user-friend when they include pictures, so I hope you continue to read.


Dan Wilson said...

you're fabulous with or without pictures!

and really, Favorite Bar should be used to talented actors frequenting their establishment. After all, you go there!

Sassy Hair said...

Awwww.... you are very sweet, Dan Wilson.