Sunday, August 06, 2006

Party Girl?

Apparently I that's the role I have been playing this weekend. It has nothing to do with me, really; everything just seems to be happening at once.

On Thursday night I met Helen at Favorite Bar after hitting a little art show at Frisson with Ann Marie. It was a relatively quiet night at Favorite Bar, but I stayed a little longer than I had intended. Of course. I did learn that the bartender working that night got a day job with a new neighborhood newspaper. He seemed really excited about it, so yay, Luke! Now, I was good on Friday night and stayed in because I had to be at work at 6:00 yesterday morning.

But then.... after laundry, an all-too-brief nap and a run yesterday afternoon, I set out for Kevin's birthday bash in the Mission. DJ tunes, barbecued ribs and lots of adult beverages were featured, as well as Kevin done up in a poor man's tux. He looked positively fabulous. But I couldn't stay long because I also had an engagement across the Bay. There was a party in Alameda for Terry, and I couldn't miss it. I still wasn't tired when I crawled into bed at 2:00 this morning, but let's just say that my wake up time of 7:30 came awfully quickly. I would tell you I have a date with my couch and pajamas once I finish work today, but instead I'm scooching to Joey's birthday celebration as soon I put in my eight hours. Two birthday parties in one weekend; I guess everybody's a Leo these days. After Joey's party, Tom and I are going to Hotel Utah to see Pat Johnson, providing I haven't fallen asleep by 9:00. Then it's back to work again tomorrow morning. The more I type, the more fatigued I feel.

I haven't always been such a wimp. When I first moved to San Francisco, my weekends pretty much always looked like this. I worked at 10:00 in the morning both weekend days, but that didn't stop me from staying out with my party partners until 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. most Friday and Saturday nights. I also worked a couple of all-night shifts during the week, plus I was still an actor back then. So I also had regular rehearsals and performances. And I did it all with a seemingly never-ending supply of energy. Now, not so much. The Energizer Bunny in me must be getting old.

My partying ways are taking a respite this week, however. Even though The Editors are playing at the Fillmore tomorrow night when there is also a vintage vinyl listening party at Favorite Bar, I'll be staying in to rest up for surgery on Tuesday. Worry not, it's just a wee-little outpatient procedure, and nothing is terribly wrong with me. But I will have to lay low for a couple of days. Which means I'll likely miss Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen at the Hemlock Tavern later this week, as well as opening night of a new one-man play about Sanford Meisner and about five other events to which I've been invited. I should be good to go for next weekend, though, when work and socializing will collide once again. To quote my old friend Maria, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." I guess, anyway.

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terry said...

i'm tired from just reading about your plans....!