Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Italia, Italia!!!

A few weeks ago at Zeitgeist, my friend Daryl leaned over to me and asked if I'd be following any of the World Cup play. I shrugged and said, "Probably not."

My, how things change. I am now obsessed.

And my boys, the Italians, just minutes ago beat Germany 2-0 in semi-final play. Throughout the tournament, I actually have been rooting for several teams: Brazil, Italy, England and Germany. So I was a bit torn with this game. On one hand, my brother Peter lives in Germany, making me feel a degree of loyalty there. But my World Cup fascination began at Steps of Rome in North Beach watching Italy play the USA, and those Italian fans are so passionate they completely won my heart.

So there was really no choice; I had to go with Italy. And in the end, my new sports boyfriends came through with a stunning overtime victory. My only regret is that I was on my couch, as opposed to in North Beach, for this game. Between working last night until 3 a.m. and fighting a cold, there was no way I could hold my own among the North Beach fans this time. But I certainly wish I had been with them. Portugal and France play tomorrow, and then the finals are Sunday.

I'm very sad to see this tournament come to an end.

But the fun of my day is really just beginning. I'm going to take a run (yes, I know I just told you I am sick, but running actually makes me feel better, and I promise to take it easy) and then meet the lovely Helen in Washington Square Park because it is her birthday! Yay!!!! And she and I met a few days before her birthday last year, so it is also our friendiversary. This is big reason to celebrate. There will be fireworks in her honor tonight, too. And because Helen is very generous, she kindly allows those fireworks to commemorate our country's Independence Day as well.

Happy 4th, my friends!

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