Friday, July 21, 2006

We Pahked the Cah in Hah-vahd Yahd...

Greetings from The Colonies. More specifically, Boston. Because I am writing this from The Land Where Time Is Money (a.k.a. Kinkos), I must be brief. But here are a few tidbits from my holiday so far.

1. Flying Jet Blue is very nice. And because they have that whole Direct TV hookup, you can think of the duration of your flight in terms of television programs. For example, my flight from the Bay Area to Boston was a "Daily Show" episode, a "Colbert Report" episode, several 80's videos on VH1 Classic, two episodes of "Little House on the Prairie," some frustrated channel surfing and a chunk of local New York City news long.

2. I got chatted up by two guys within half an hour of my arrival. And just a few minutes ago, another guy told me I look like a fashion model. Duck, if you still read these ramblings, I'd advise you blow off Los Angeles and move to Boston because this seems to be the place of unlimited male attention.

3. My fancy gym has a Boston location allowing me a little familiarity with my workout yesterday. I think the San Francisco location is better, though. But after spending a nonetheless lovely three hours at said gym, I wandered over to Newbury Street where I had a nice outdoor lunch, complete with afternoon wine, and got myself a pedicure. After I finish writing this, I'm going to the spa to get a massage. Had I lived this way when I resided in New England ten years ago, I might have liked it a lot more.

4. Last night Jenny, my Boston hostess, and I went over to Cambridge where we walked around Harvard. While there we went into a big building called Memorial Hall only to hear scary organ music that sounded like something out of The Omen once inside. No wonder I didn't go to Harvard. After that, we went to a nearby bar/restaurant called Ohm. It was fabulous, especially since most of the patrons looked to be our age or older. Then we went to Finale for dessert, and I immediately developed a crush on the 20-year old host. He was just so cute and little.

5. I learned today that jogging in 80 degree humidity is very different than jogging in 65 degree fog. Very different.

Okay, the spa is calling. More later from the life of leisure...

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