Sunday, July 16, 2006

Music That's Making me Happy Today, vol 17

Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen at the Make Out Room

This could be my new favorite band based on name alone, but as it so happens, their music is also really good. Even though they're local, I actually happened upon them in cyberspace while doing research for my little side-hobby (I'd call it a side-job, but I don't get paid for it). I heard a few of their tunes courtesy of... yes, MySpace, and I knew I had to see them.

I've said it before, and I'll sat it again: MySpace is going to take over the world one day.

Anyway, my live music buddies Ann Marie and Tom joined me at one of the Mission's most fabulous night spots, the Make Out Room, for a little country-infused pop music that made us all very happy tonight. Tippy Canoe leads the group on ukulele as she sweetly serenades the audience with an excellent singing voice. Tonight she was backed by simply a stand-up bass and violin, but apparently there is a guitarist and drummer in the band, as well. The ukulele adds a 1920's Hawaiian flavor to the group's sound, but the flavor is by no means overwhelming.

Not to be outdone, the audience was kind of entertaining, too. One rhythmically challenged gentlemen showed no fear in his attempt to snap along with one of the songs. He was undaunted by his inability to actually find the beat, and frankly, I respect him for that. And a couple of tango dancers gave the whole evening some saucy credibility. At least I know we were much cooler in their presence.

In other words: just a typical Sunday night at the Make Out Room.

And it doesn't hurt that we chatted with Miss Tippy after her set, and she's super-nice. If you like well crafted pop music, you'll be happy to climb on board with Tippy Canoe. Sadly, I don't know if they have any CD's available right now; so either you'll have to see them live or brave MySpace for a listen.

Tom has suggested we go see The Editors next, and DeVotchka is also coming back to town in August. We're fast becoming quite the music-loving trio about town.

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