Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Fabulous Patti!

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of my sister, Fabulous Patti. To the left is a photo of her and our grandmother, Toni, at my birthday party back in December.

Tonight, to celebrate the day Patti graced the world, we met Anne, Ann Marie, Carolyn and Carolyn's sister, Isha, at the Ferry Wine Merchants in the Ferry Building. After sipping wine and indulging in gracefully brilliant conversation, Ann Marie, Patti and I bid Carolyn, Anne and Isha farewell and made our way to Town Hall, where we met Bill and Kim for dinner.

Have you ever eaten at Town Hall? If not, I'd highly recommend it because oh, my goodness, it is delicious. I had mushroom soup that tasted like God himself had prepared it, followed by fried chicken and then apple bread pudding for dessert. My meal probably had about 3,000 calories and 400 grams of fat, but I haven't eaten so well in months. Yum-mee. It was a meal almost as fabulous as Fabulous Patti herself.

We were also celebrating Fabulous Patti's close-to-last San Francisco hurrah because she is moving back to L.A. for a fancy-schmancy job. It's a job only available to those in the world with medical degrees and master's degrees in public health. It's a good thing Fabulous Patti has both. She's moving to the lovely neighborhood of Los Feliz; so you can bet I'll be visiting often.

Speaking of L.A., the annoying but addictive Fake Band is playing there this weekend. To that end, tomorrow morning I'm hopping a flight down to Burbank. I'll stay with my brother, sister-in-law and the lovable Mikey Jet for a night, and then I'll meet my fellow bandmates in Universal City on Friday. I hope the show goes well and that I don't want to murder anyone in Fake Band before the weekend is over. Here's to hoping, anyway. Now, I'm off to bed. However well we are or are not getting along, I have to be well rested for the Fake Band tour.

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