Sunday, March 04, 2007

Face the Music

Fake Band had its Los Angeles debut this weekend, and I have but one thing to say: thank goodness that's over. We played an industry party at a restaurant in Universal City, and there were some technical problems along with a dwindling crowd as our set progressed. However, all those concerns were eclipsed by what has become typical Fake Band drama. It probably wasn't that bad, but to be completely candid, the experience of Fake Band is starting to wear very thin on me.

While in the Southland, however, I got to have coffee with my friend Mindi, who moved from San Francisco to L.A. in 2002 and will be moving back here in May. Back in the day (also known as 2001), Mindi and I formed a band with our friend Adam called Blo Pop. I sang; Adam played guitar; and Mindi handled drums. There was talk of me also playing bass, but I wasn't terribly interested in that, so we went bass-free. Anyway, Blo Pop had precisely two rehearsals. My lack of self confidence when I sang, combined with a bit of collective A.D.D., stymied our efforts to arrange even one full song, but we brilliantly worked through bits and pieces of about 15 stellar numbers.

The very best part of Blo Pop's halcyon days was the point during our first rehearsal when Mindi played drums and guitar at the same time. And she did so quite well.

So, as Mindi and her fiance Matt sipped lattes and chatted with me, we all decided Blo Pop has to reunite. Actually, Mindi and I had made this decision over email a few days earlier, but the plan was fleshed out Saturday night. Mindi will start on guitar until we recruit more players, and then she'll move to drums. I will once again sing, but this time with significantly more confidence and gusto (thank you very much, Best Friend School of Music). And Matt will act as technical advisor, marketing director and fan club president. We also plan to cast our friend Chris as our mascot, and somehow I don't think he'll resist. Be ready for Blo Pop 2007 to explode, kids.

Now, realistically speaking, it's possible Blo Pop will only exist in the confines of Mindi's and my respective living rooms where we'll play and sing to entertain ourselves. However, you should keep in mind, dear readers, that Mindi and I both know several musicians in town who might be in need of an opening act one day. So you never know; when you least expect it, Blo Pop could turn up at club near you.

And that would be pure charm and comedy.


terry said...

Blo Pop is an EXCELLENT band name....! I look forward to BP's local debut. Or should that be, return?

Laura said...

blo pop!
thats a great name for a band!