Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 28

iTunes and the juke box at 15 Romolo

When I was younger and far more sprightly, I used to spend many a weekend evening at 15 Romolo, a bar neatly tucked into the Basque Hotel in North Beach. However, I fast grew weary of the mob scene created by the weekend mating crowd, and I haven't been back in years. Well, little did I know that the very same bar that's overrun with Marina and Pac Heights denizens on Friday and Saturday nights is delightfully dead during the week. This is a wonderful discovery because 15 Romolo actually is a lot of fun, especially when you've been freed from the advances of superficial dudes who all look alike and have the same money-grubbing but otherwise totally uninspired occupations.

Gosh, Sassy, judgmental much? Apparently, I've grown a little cynical in my old age. With an attitude like that, is it any wonder I never met the man of my dreams in this joint?

Anyway, last night I met Debbie, Emily and Carolyn at 15 Romolo, and it was much fun. We were four of eight people gracing the place, and I got to program the juke box for free! I thought I was getting some sort of special treatment until the bartender told me that the juke box at 15 Romolo is free every Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm sorry, but a free juke box every Tuesday and Wednesday? Not that I needed any more convincing that I like this bar, but you know how I feel about a free juke box. The free tunes at Casanova are a little better, but I was able to create quite the soundtrack featuring The Pixies, The Jam, The Supremes, The Clash, Blur, Massive Attack, Frank Sinatra and The Kinks, just to name a few. I'll take that any Tuesday or Wednesday.

Ans speaking of Emily, she just got engaged! Who knew? Well, I assume Emily and her fiance did, but I've been a little out of the loop. I'm so happy for her.

In other good music news, back in December, Emily gave me a $20 iTunes gift certificate for my birthday, and I just started using it this week. So far, I have procured selections from The Killers, The Shins (whom I am going to see next month at the Warfield with Ann Marie and Paul), Penelope Houston and Earth, Wind & Fire. Yes, you read that last one correctly; "September" is a delicious guilty pleasure of mine. All that music, and I still have $13 of credit left.

This may be the best birthday present ever.

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