Thursday, March 22, 2007


What are you doing this afternoon? I have just returned from Ala Moana Beach Park (pictured to the right), where I spent a leisurely hour soaking up some sun and dipping my feet into the cool water. Diva Mommy lives about six blocks from this beach for incredibly easy access.

Since my arrival last night, Diva Mommy and I have done all kinds of fun things. She met me at the airport with lei in hand, and then we hopped into a cab and took off for her apartment. After a lovely evening in (it was 11 p.m. San Francisco time when I arrived, and Diva Mommy is not exactly a partier... anymore... so we stayed in), I got up this morning and took a run along the aforementioned Ala Moana Beach Park. After my run, Diva Mommy made us smoothies for breakfast, and then I washed up, changed into my bikini, and much like Frankie and Annette did in the mid-80's, headed back to the beach.

In just a little bit we are going to Waikiki to listen to the acoustic guitar players at Duke's Canoe Club. Yes, Duke's is completely touristy, but we love it, especially on a weeknight. I imagine we'll indulge in a few snacks and drinks while we're there. When in Rome, after all. My sister, Fabulous Patti, joins us from L.A. tomorrow, and then the fun really gets going. We'll be heading to the North Shore because, television fans take note, there is talk of visiting the Lost set with a friend of Diva Mommy's. I've never even seen Lost, but Fabulous Patti likes it, so I can get behind this plan. We also may puddle hop over to another island. Plus, I intend to indulge in the spa at the Hyatt Waikiki, which is where we'll be staying once FP arrives.

Or we may just relax on the beach.

The good news is that Diva Mommy has computer access in her apartment building, so I should be able to update this space a few more times while on vacation. That way, it can be like you're here with us. Or something like that, anyway.

A Hui Hou!

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