Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And Away We Go

In less than 30 minutes I am going to make my way to the airport, where I will be whisked away to Honolulu. Yippee! I have managed to do laundry (actually that task was tackled after work yesterday), go to the gym and get packed. So I'm ready to roll.

I was a little more tired than I should have been this morning because I went out last night with Carolyn and Denise. We first went to this new fancy restaurant, and while a sizable lunch had left me without an appetite, their champagne was delicious. We then swung by Favorite Bar where the frustrating but entertaining Mr. Gowdy was spinning one "last" time before he moves to L.A. for two months. He played 60's surf pop and soul music while Carolyn, Denise and I chatted and, of course, got hit on by some ridiculous dude. Whatever. We unintentionally stayed until the music was all done, and then Mr. G. and I ended up chatting for a while as I wished him in luck in Southern California.

But all of that is in the past, and my future holds nothing but tropical beaches and 80 degree temperatures. Gotta love that.

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