Saturday, March 31, 2007

Music and Maturity

Now on the mainland with my Hawaiian tan fading, I quite handily have settled back into my regular routine.

On Thursday, I headed to the East Bay for my weekly singing lesson with Best Friend. After vocal exercises followed by a rendition of Kirsty MacColl's "They Don't Know," complete with harmony (thank you for the extra voice and good ear, Best Friend), we wrapped up the lesson and proceeded to spend 45 minutes playing Nintendo Wii. That's right, Nintendo Wii.

I have never been a video game fan, not even when I was a kid, but I can see why this little contraption is so incredibly popular. Best Friend and I delighted in games of tennis, baseball and bowling. We even created a profile for me on her system. I think a little Nintendo Wii time will likely follow every voice lesson from now on.

Oh, yes, Best Friend and I are serious grown-ups.

After my singing lesson was Fake Band rehearsal on Thursday night. Then a super early morning work shift yesterday left my afternoon free for some power napping. Once well rested, I met Carolyn and Dima, along with two friends of theirs, at 12 Galaxies last night for a live show featuring the Extra Action Marching Band (pictured.. at least some of them... above). The opening bands were a little dull, so we went to the bar next door for cocktails and rejoined the good times at 12 Galaxies just before midnight.

The Extra Action Marching Band really was a lot of fun, but I was reminded that my recent commitment to only drink alcohol two days a week has done a number on my tolerance. (By the way, I suspended my two-day a week drinking rule while I was on vacation, but I think most of the cocktails I had in Hawaii were pretty weak.) To put it bluntly, after four drinks over almost three hours, I was pretty much over-served. Admittedly, two of those four drinks were glasses of Chimay, so I really should have known better. I did nothing whatsoever to embarrass myself, but suffice it to say I was glad that 12 Galaxies now serves pizza, as I was in need of a stabilizing snack. I also realized not long into Extra Action's set that I needed to put myself to bed, so I found a cab and was home well before the band was done playing, I'm certain.

Apparently, the older I get, the more of an amateur I become. Although, it's probably healthier to have an amateur tolerance for alcohol as long as it keeps me drinking less. Better for the waistline and better for the liver.

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