Monday, March 26, 2007

Brilliant Idea

I have formulated a plan to finance my move to Hawaii. I'll form a band or duo to perform at the hotels here. I know, that's a bold statement from someone in Fake Band who has only been taking singing lessons for a few months. However, early yesterday evening I learned that you don't really need to be good to be employed as hotel musical entertainment. Admittedly, most of the musicians I've seen here have been talented, but the band yesterday evening was not. I can sing as off-key as those singers did. And unlike them, I can sing on-key sometimes, too. By the way, the band in the photo is not the bad band. I just found that online for illustration.

Should I not be able to find employment as a hotel singer, I'm thinking I could maybe work in a Hawaiian hotel spa. Doing anything; I'm not picky. The spa I visited today was lovely and would make a great employment backdrop. Now, you may find yourself asking: "Um, Sassy, you have a career that is not geographically specific; in fact, it's in demand everywhere... So why not just do the same job in Hawaii?" Well, because my current occupation would command about half the salary in Hawaii, even though the cost of living is comparable to San Francisco. So if I'd have to be poor anyway, why not be poor by being a "professional" (in the strictest sense of the word) singer? Or by working in the tranquil environment of a spa?

Do you like my idea? If so, and you'd like to be in my Hawaiian hotel band, just let me know.

By the way, Don Ho last night was positively surreal. He's about 1000 years old and sang "Tiny Bubbles" twice. His act is also kind of like a variety show with two teenage winners of "Hawaii Idol" and various members of the audience singing songs, as well. (For the record, they also sang way better than yesterday's bad hotel band.) But don't take my word for it; if you find yourself in Waikiki any time soon, you must take in Don Ho.

Only one full day left. Can you hear my sniffles and sobs from where you are?

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terry said...

i'll lead the hula troupe that will perform with your hotel band.

because i'm such an expert, y'know.


enjoy your final hours in hawaii...