Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Screening Process

Last night, mere days before Fabulous Patti makes her big move to Los Feliz, she and I hit the town. Our first stop was Favorite Bar 2, where a very polite young gentleman offered to scoot over one bar stool, so we may have room to belly up.

The polite young gentleman turned out to be rather friendly, as well, and we soon fell into an enjoyable patter with him. His name was Marty, and he told us all about how he's looking for a new job; he lives across the street from FB2; he's lived in San Francisco for 6 months. He's even applied for a job at my place of employment, but he couldn't remember for exactly which position. If he can't even remember the position, I can't say I think he'll exactly be a shoo-in for the job.

Regardless, Marty was actually quite cute. He was working a sort of Buddy Holly-Rivers Cuomo thing. In other words: he was precisely my type. Now, I've spent countless hours I will never get back chatting with and being chatted up by men in bars, and over the years I've learned to cut to the chase. I could easily ascertain that Marty was single and straight, but I needed more information. So in no relation to anything we were discussing, I asked the third most important question.

"Marty, how old are you?"

And with that, I threw him back. Not that a man being a decade my junior will always serve as a deal breaker; after all, what's ten years between soul mates? However, I don't think Marty was my soul mate. Honestly, he was a little on the dumb side (see previous sentence about him not knowing which job he's applied for at my workplace). There may be room for movement where age is concerned, but intellect is not negotiable.

In the end though, Marty was nice, cute and a pleasant conversationalist. Should I run into him again at FB2, I'll talk to him. Perhaps I'll even help him find a more age appropriate young lady who doesn't mind if a man is dumb as a box of hair.

After just one drink and our nice Marty chat, Fabulous Patti and I took off for the original Favorite Bar, where we caught up with Sheela and Helen. For reasons I have previously explained, I haven't been spending much time at Favorite Bar lately, but last night was very fun. My favorite bartender was working, even though Tuesday night isn't his usual shift, and there was hardly anyone in the place. That's my kind of Favorite Bar evening.

Tonight I'm going to wander across the street to the residence of my friend and neighbor, Laino. She switched jobs about two months ago, and I want to hear all about how her career is going. Then tomorrow it's back to the grind. There was a tiny hole in the schedule at work, so I had yesterday and today off instead of today and tomorrow. So after an earlier than normal singing lesson, the work week begins once again.

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