Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Music of Thursday

Thursday has become quite the musical day in my week.

As you may know, every Thursday afternoon I trek out to the East Bay for my singing lessons with Best Friend. Lately I have been working on some songs that are... let's say, more of a challenge for me. Another way of phrasing that would be to say that I've been kind of sucking lately, but this is why we take lessons, right? I'll master these tunes. Or I'll become more aware of my strengths and limitations.

Then this evening, I met Higgins and Ron for Daydrinker practice. Before you worry that I'm training to be a mid-day alcoholic, I'll remind you that Daydrinker is the name of my new band. Okay, it's Higgins' band, but he lets me sing in it. Rehearsal was really fun, and may I just say that Higgins writes a mean little pop song. So far, I have learned about seven of his songs, and I love singing them. Rehearsal with Daydrinker can be a little sporadic, but most of the time we get together on Thursday evenings.... rounding out my musical experience of the day.

I was supposed to go out for drinks tonight with some Very Important friends of mine, but that didn't pan out. Instead, they have invited me to another Very Important Person's party tomorrow evening. It should be fun. Or at least nice to see my friends.

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