Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh, Yawn

At risk of sounding dull, I must admit not much has been going on. Not that I haven't done a few things...

On Thursday I went with Gretchen to Formerly Favorite Bar, so we could get caught up. Needless to say, since Gretchie had her baby almost a year ago, we don't see each other as often as we used to. So she and I swapped fun stories, as well as sharing a few frustrations we're both currently experiencing. Our frustration share prompted us to anoint ourselves the bitter queens of the bar, but I must say, we were the cutest and most charming bitter queens I've ever seen.

So I guess we're not really that bitter.

Last night I went to dinner with Patti, Terry and Jane after work. That was fun, even if the restaurant was, perhaps, a little over-priced. But a good time was had by all because, of course, our collective grace and charisma dominated the evening. I'd been invited to a picnic this afternoon, but I didn't think spending the day in the sun before work was a good idea. So I did my laundry and went running instead. Okay, that doesn't just sound dull, it is dull.

Well, the good news is that in a week and a half my monotony will be broken by my trip to Hawaii! Yay! Nothing is boring about days spent in the Waikiki sun and nights spent with a lava flow in your hand. Then in October I'm taking a long weekend in L.A., which should be fun. Pinkberry, The Dresden Room, Hollywood... here I come.

I imagine all of that will take care of any spells of ennui.

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