Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So Deliciously Decadent

Just about four years ago, I toured what would become my gym, and on that tour I saw it: the gym bar. When I said to the then-membership director, "There's a bar in this gym?!?", he responded, "This is not a gym; it's a lifestyle experience."

Um, okay.

Since joining soon after that fateful morning, I have intended to workout and afterward enjoy an adult beverage at my gym... um, excuse me, my lifestyle experience. Unfortunately, I usually haven't the time or inclination to drink after my workout. However, today, Denise and I had made a plan. We met at the gym at about 2 p.m., worked out, cleaned up and then bellied up to the bar for snacks and drinks. Denise's boyfriend Paul and their friend Jim joined us, and good times ensued. Not to mention that the bar at my gym is first rate. Not only do they have a fine selection of liquor and wine, but their beer selection is definitely top drawer. We're not just talking Bud Light and Amstel here, my friends. But how do you feel about Anchor Steam, Newcastle and Chimay Blue and Red Label? Oh, no, these people are not messing around.

Drinks were consumed, meals eaten and brilliance displayed. At about 8:00 Paul had to scoot to his weekly poker game, and Jim took his leave of us, as well. Denise and I stayed for another drink and a few more snacks... and that was when it happened.

Say what you will, but I don't care because I'm a baseball fan. Just before 9:00, Barry Bonds hit career home run number 756, thus breaking Hank Aaron's all time career home run record. Obviously, we weren't at A-T&T Park because we were at the gym bar, but it was still exciting to see it live (or at least on 7-second broadcast delay). Everyone in the place cheered, and I'm just happy I saw it happen. Say what you will about Bonds (he cheated, he's a jerk, whatever), I love that I live in a city with a hometown hero.

All this while I was at the gym bar. And to think it took me four years to indulge in an immediate post-workout cocktail (or four, as the case was tonight).

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