Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Walk of Shame.... Or Not

This morning at 9:20 I arrived home wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday.

Sounds saucy doesn't it? Well, it isn't really saucy at all.

After work last night, I took BART to the East Bay to meet Rosa for what has become our new open mic tradition. She and I went to her apartment and practiced "Different Drum" and "Somewhere Only We Know," the two songs I would be singing. Then Doug joined us, and we practiced not only those two songs, but the three Rosa would sing. We then went to McGrath's in Alameda (Rosa lives in Alameda) and joined the show.

I must say, just like our appearance two weeks ago, we did rather well. Rosa was fantastic and amazing, of course, and I was good, too. Plus, the people at this open mic are very nice and supportive. After we were done, several people came up to me to tell what a beautiful voice I have and how great they thought I was. One woman even took my hand and implored me to keep singing. I wasn't planning on giving up my singing hobby, but that was still sweet. Not to mention that I'm a decent singer, but I wouldn't say I'm great. I have occasional pitch.... issues, let's say... and I still have a lot to learn about technique. I may be really good one day, but for now....

Well, suffice it to say, the positive feedback was quite lovely. Those singing lessons I take from Best Friend may well be paying off.

After our performance, we swung back by Rosa's apartment so she could grab some wine and homemade cookies, and then we went to Doug's house in the Oakland Hills. There we munched cookies and drank wine while we soaked in his hot tub. (A note for anyone who has ever taken a dip in Doug's hot tub: we all were all clothed in some fashion; either in bathing suits, or, in my case a big t-shirt and shorts.)

At about 2 a.m. Rosa and I went back to Alameda, and she let me sleep on her couch before taking me back to the BART station this morning. The best news of all is it's a "Spare the Air Day" in the Bay Area today, so my BART ride back into the city was free! Now, I do my part to spare the air everyday by not owning a greenhouse gas promoting automobile, but I'll take a free transit ride anytime someone wants to hand me one.

I was supposed to go to the gym today, but after only about five and a half hours of sleep, I have a feeling my own couch will command my attention before I just take a quick run and then head to the Haight for a haircut.

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fabulous patti said...

I like the way a bad air day can benefit you!

So, you find a favored occasional outing in the East Bay after I've moved from there. I won't take it personally.