Thursday, July 07, 2011

Karaoke Reunion

My friend Rosa is extremely talented. She is a singer-songwriter, and frankly, she's awesome. Back in the day (commonly known as 2007 and 2008), I used to sing with her at open mic nights. We also had one "real" gig as a band we created with a couple of other musicians called the Sub Rosas. Eventually, however, our work schedules began to conflict, and Rosa went to grad school. So we went our separate ways... musically, anyway.

Since then, I have been singing cover songs with Sober Nixon, of course, and doing, as you know if you read this little Chronicle with any sort of regularity, a whole lot of karaoke. Rosa has continued to write her own music and recorded an album of sorts late last year. In fact, you can hear that album here. Rosa also is a fan of karaoke (although probably not as big a fan as me), so we decided to get together at my favorite karaoke haunt last night to sing a few tunes.

It wasn't at all crowded when we got there, and even though people did trickle in, we got to sing a lot in just about two hours. I warbled my way through five numbers, and I believe Rosa sang four. It was so good to see her and so much fun to sing that we're already talking about getting together for more karaoke. I know, me wanting to do karaoke again... what a shock! Anyway, here a couple of photos I took last night.

Between songs...

Beverages. For some reason, I always take pictures of the liquor when I'm in a bar and have my camera.

Rosa the chanteuse.

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