Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summertime Parties

Long days and warm nights generally mean one thing: it must be summer. Unless, of course, you live in San Francisco, gentle readers, where summer means long days, to be sure, but also cold nights. And, um, cold days. This weekend, however, a heat wave has kissed the Bay Area, and while San Francisco isn't as warm as other parts of the region, it has been much warmer than it usually is in early July.

This heat wave has excellent timing since this weekend has been chock full of parties. On Saturday night, a bunch of us gathered at Jones bar downtown to celebrate the recent nuptials of our friends Kevin and Olena. Kevin and Ole got married at City Hall on June 20th, but hardly anyone was there, aside from them. So now that they are back from their Hawaiian honeymoon, the time is right for a wedding party.

Then this afternoon and tonight was Tom, Chris and Nick's annual backyard barbecue in Potrero Hill. They usually have this barbecue the day before Memorial Day, but that wasn't possible this year, so they pushed it to the day before Independence Day. Much food and drink was consumed, and a dance party started to break out in the early evening, especially when the 80's and early-90's tunes hit the turntables (think Men Without Hats, Joan Jett and, oh yes, Ace of Base). The party is still going on as I type, but I had to get home because I have to work super early tomorrow morning. And apparently, I have to update this space before I go to bed.

Enjoy these photos I snapped at the weekend festivities. It's almost like you were there!

Kevin and Ole Get Married

The happy couple.

Because every bride should have flowers.

Late May Meets Early July With Tom, Chris and Nick's Annual Backyard Barbecue

Me and Chris, one of our fabulous hosts.

Grill Masters.

Daytime partiers.

Oh, yes, tequila shots were consumed. That's very 4th of July weekend, is it not?

Disco ball. Seriously.

Nighttime partiers.

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