Saturday, July 09, 2011

Nik, Cap and Room

My friend Traci is back in the Bay Area on business, and that means that she and I get to turn San Francisco into our own private party. You may recall from this post back in April that Traci and I have been friends since college. Since she now lives in Omaha with her kids, we don't get to see each other very often, making it an extra special treat when we do. We try to recreate the good times we had in the early 90's, when we were in our twenties, but I'm not sure I succeed in partying like a twenty-something. I will say that Traci does a decent job.

Last night I decided we should celebrate Traci's arrival in town by running around North Beach and downtown. We began with champagne (for me) and cocktails (for Traci) at Tony Nik's; grabbed some snacks at Bottle Cap, the new restaurant that just opened in the old Washington Square Bar and Grill space; and ended the evening with a specialty cocktail at the Burritt Room. At Bottle Cap we ran into this guy Greg, an acquaintance of mine whom I hadn't seen since 2006 or early 2007, and he happily joined our little party hopping adventure.

The most pleasant surprise of the evening came when I discovered that my very fine friend Pat works behind the bar at Bottle Cap. At least he was working there last night. Assuming he continues, I may have to pay that establishment another visit.

The price for having so much fun last night is a very lazy day today. Aside from a little exercise, laundry and some other household chores, I have done virtually nothing except catch up on sleep and recover from last night. Partying like it's 1993 is a tough job and requires a lot of rest afterward.

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