Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Birthdays

It's summertime, gentle readers, which means sun-lit evenings, warm temperatures (well, not so much in San Francisco, but whatever, we also don't get truly cold in the winter) and the birthdays of a few of my very fine friends. Usually at around this time, you can find me in Las Vegas celebrating the anniversary of Andrey's birth, but he is travelling through Europe right now. So no Andrey Vegas bash this year.

However, this weekend I did celebrate a couple of other birthdays. On Friday evening, I got together with my friend Candace, who was in town from Southern California. Our dinner wasn't exactly a birthday party, but her birthday was this weekend, so I think that counts. Then yesterday was my friend Julia's birthday party in sunshine of Dolores Park. A bunch of us lounged on the grass sipping prosecco and nibbling chocolate cake to celebrate the fabulous Julia. It was a perfect afternoon which I followed up with a little karaoke, which in my book, is always perfect.

Foolishly, I didn't take any pictures during my dinner with Candace, even though I had my camera with me. I did, however snap a few shots at Julia's party, and they follow.

A few other people had the same idea as us and also descended upon Dolores Park on Saturday.

Birthday girl Julia and me.

Palm trees watching over us.

Other Julia celebrants.

Look closely and you can see the Bay Bridge in the background, as well as a distant fog bank (the Bay Area's air conditioner).

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