Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day, gentle readers. Even though I am part Irish (along with many other ethnicities/nationalities), I must confess that St. Patrick's Day, as we celebrate it here in the U.S., is one of my least favorite holidays. It's like New Year's Eve with the amateur quotient turned up about 1000%.

Not at all fun.

There is an afternoon St. Patrick's Day block party in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood every year, and I used to enjoy that... about ten years ago. I think it's safe to say that I officially have grown out of any desire to hang out with drunken morons for hours on end.

What I do enjoy, however, are St. Patrick's Day snacks! My friend and co-worker Megan baked chocolate-mint brownies for all of us working today, and they were delicious. In fact, those brownies were so yummy they deserve their own holiday.

In other news, it is tax season, and that has put me in a very good mood. Before you start to wonder if I'm some sort of crazy masochist, I'll tell you that I'm in a good mood because not only have I already filed my tax returns, but I have received my refunds, and the money is safely nestled in my savings account. Such efficiency has made the taxman a good friend to me this year.

And finally, I'm about to embark on a little project with my singing teacher: we're going to record some songs. The idea is to write songs and record them, but we're going to start with a cover tune. I really want to sing and record my very favorite song from the San Francisco local music scene, so I need to contact the songwriter for permission. Luckily, this particular songwriter is a friend of mine, but I'm still a little nervous about asking him. It's an excellent song, though, so I'll just have to be brave. Then hopefully, I'll do it justice if he lets me sing it.

(Photos courtesy of Megan, the master brownie baker herself.)

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