Saturday, March 05, 2011

San Francisco Saturday

I hope your Saturday is treating you well, gentle readers. I have had a wonderful day after a Friday night of live music. In fact, I've discovered a new local band to love: The Bye Bye Blackbirds. They were first on the bill at the Hemlock Tavern last night, just before Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen, the band I had gone to see. Tippy was, of course, fabulous, but I also really liked The Bye Bye Blackbirds. I love it when I stumble upon good bands.

Today was combination of socializing and getting things done, and the weather was rather lovely (it's supposed to rain tonight and/or tomorrow). Errands, cleaning, exercise and mimosas make for a very lovely Saturday, and I snapped a few pictures along the way this afternoon.

Brunch with Scott (who wrote Fated, the book I gushed about in the previous post) and Brad. We did have food, as well as mimosas, but this photo should give you an idea of the tone of our meal. That's Scott's elbow in the background, by the way.

View from a MUNI bus. Given that I both live and work in the City, I spend a decent amount of time on public transit. So I see many views like this one.

The lily that guards my front door. With a lily just out front, I guess that makes my apartment a "lily pad." Don't worry, I won't give up my day job for a career in comedy.

I love that in San Francisco you can turn a seemingly random corner and all of a sudden have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge (or in some neighborhoods, the Bay Bridge).

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