Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rock and Roll All Night

Last night Sober Nixon rehearsed not only with our new guitarist Kenn, but also Ryan, our drummer... of sorts. I call Ryan our "drummer of sorts" because I'm not 100% sure he really wants to be in the band. He's already in another band (in fact, maybe two other bands), so it's still a little unclear whether or not he even has the time to be an official Sober Nixon member. He does seem to enjoy playing with us, though. So if he becomes part of the clan, I will be thrilled to have him.

Anyway, rehearsal last night was so much fun! We went through almost the entire set list, except for a few songs Kenn hasn't yet learned, and things continue to gel. I must say, it was amazing to be singing with people who know so much more about music than I do, especially Kenn and Ryan. These guys are real musicians, while I'm just learning. They may well elevate my game; at least I hope they do. The new lineup still isn't performance ready yet, but when we are, it's going to be significantly better than Sober Nixon's previous incarnation. Here are a few pictures from the evening that I snapped with my increasingly annoying piece of crap camera.

When all was said and done last night... after three hours of rehearsing... my abdominal muscles hurt like hell, but my throat felt fine, without even the tiniest bit of strain. Which is exactly what's supposed to happen when you sing properly (or close to properly). I may still be learning, but it appears I actually am learning something.

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