Friday, March 04, 2011

A Most Excellent Twist of Fate

Okay, I will just say upfront that I know the author of the book I currently am reading. However, that has no bearing on the gushing I am about to do.

You may remember from this post that on New Year's Eve I went to my friend Brad's party and chatted with his author friend Scott. Fated, which I bought on December 30th, is Scott's second novel, and it is so good. I'm only about a third of the way through it, but so far I absolutely love it. It's extremely clever and very readable. In fact, it's such a fun read that I almost wish I had waited until my Hawaii trip next month to crack it open. Fated would be a perfect beach book.

Even without a beach, however, Fated still is quite a good time, and I highly recommend it. Scott actually gave me his business card (which I have been using, ironically enough, as a bookmark) on New Year's Eve and asked me to let him know what I thought of his book once I read it. If he even remembers doing that, he probably assumed I didn't like it because... well, that was December and this is March. But as I have mentioned on this space before, I have to read books in the order I buy them, and there were a few novels in the queue before Fated.

Maybe Scott will be surprised when I contact him to tell him how much I like his book, or maybe it's been so long that he'll have no recollection of ever meeting me. Regardless, I'm glad fate (or Scott) brought Fated into my path.

Speaking of reading, I think I finally have to acquiesce that my book buying habit has gotten a little out of control. I've been in a purchasing frenzy over the last few weeks, and it's getting ridiculous. Since my local library branch recently got a fancy new makeover, I may actually get... gasp... a library card and start borrowing books instead of buying them.

Maybe, anyway.

In other news, my weekend is filling quite nicely with lots of fun things. Tonight I'm going to see my friend Michele, aka Tippy Canoe, perform with her band Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen; tomorrow my friend Brad and I are getting together for brunch and mimosas; and on Sunday I'll be doing some singing and then cocktailing with my friend Christine. I'd be jealous of the life I get to lead, were not mine.

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