Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pretty Drinks and Lovely Evenings

I think I like cocktails not because of the delicious flavors and not because of the alcohol, but because they are so pretty. I met this particular cocktail on Friday night when Andrey, Carla, Olena, Kevin and I paid a little visit to the bar at the Four Seasons. (For the record, the cocktail was as tasty as it was attractive, and it came with candied ginger on the side).

Saturday evening saw me grabbing dinner downtown with my friend Mary Beth and then wandering over to the Burritt Room, where we quite pleasantly discovered that Franco Nero was playing. Good music, good cocktails and lots of giggling filled the rest of the night.

I'm enjoying all of this merriment in my world at the same time Japan is dealing with potential nuclear meltdowns in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami a few days ago. I like to keep this Chronicle light and happy, but what's happening in Japan is just awful. And scary. Plus, much like the death of Brendan (my karaoke friend who passed away a few days ago), it's a reminder that life is precious. The New Year's resolution I made at the beginning of this year was to pursue happiness, and I now am even more committed to doing exactly that. Because you just never know what tomorrow will bring, my lovelies. You just never know.

So embrace and enjoy life as best you can. That's what I intend to do.

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