Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raining and Pouring

Forgive me, gentle readers. I know it's been a few days since my last post, but it's been a whirlwind here in Sassyland.

For one thing, I think I'm going to have to become handy really quick and get my ark-building skills up to snuff because the Bay Area has been getting drenched over the past several days. It feels like it's been raining for about six months, but I suppose it's only been a couple of weeks. Plus, we had hardly any rain in January, while much of the rest of country was knee-deep in snow. So I suppose we are due for a little bit of winter, even if it happens in the spring.

In addition to the rain and craziness such weather brings, so much has been going on. Last night I attended a memorial for Brendan, my karaoke friend who died earlier this month. It was held at the karaoke den where I met him, and it was a little surreal, as memorials often are. Sadness, celebration and a whole lot of karaoke filled the evening. When I die (which will happen to us all eventually), I hope someone sings a little karaoke, regardless of where my memorial is held.

However, I am not dead yet, and things are going wonderfully in my musical life. I have mentioned the recording project my voice teacher and I have begun, and of course, we have a new guitarist in Sober Nixon. I get more and more excited about our new guitarist every time we play with him. We had rehearsal last Saturday, and I continue to be so very impressed. He's still learning the songs we cover, but he clearly is really talented and knows his way around a guitar and then some. Sober Nixon's last guitarist was great, but I think Kenn (the new guy) really is going to elevate us and make us sound a lot better than we ever have. I'll have to snap a few photos when we rehearse with our drummer next week and post them for you.

In addition to all of that, I've been invited to perform in an "evening of song" being organized by a musician I know. I get to sing any song I choose, along with other singers and musicians in the show in June. It will be just like the T.A.M.I Show, only without Jan and Dean and the go-go dancers. If you're in San Francisco the night of the show, you totally should come. Or least do some karaoke whenever and wherever you can.

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.)

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Edith Salvatore said...

Isn't it amazing how putting the GG Bridge in the bg of almost any picture makes it look just the teeniest bit more like art?