Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

Just ask Dan Quayle.

Anyway, if you don't mind me saying so... I fancy myself really good at math. I was a literature major in college and have always been drawn to the arts, but math was by far my favorite subject in high school. Followed in a close second by physics, believe it or not. But since I have not pursued a career in math, my current skills are pretty much limited to being able to calculate the tip at restaurants with just a quick glance at the bill (a skill which my friends love, by the way). Well, that plus all the general logic and reasoning math teaches us. But this morning as I was reading Prep...

... And I will interrupt my narrative here and say that I imagine it seems like I have been reading this book forever, given that I have mentioned it in three different posts now. It almost seems that way to me, too, but I promise I'm almost done....

... I was reading Prep, and the main character is now failing pre-calculus. In this part of the story, our heroine offers a simple pre-calculus problem which she can not solve. I now can't remember exactly what the equation was, but what I do remember is that I wouldn't know how to solve it either. Me, stymied by math? Granted, my own pre-calculus days are almost 20 years behind me, but still, I find the situation highly disturbing.

Also along the lines of my own stupidity, before work today I washed the new squishy bath towels I just bought. But I washed them with the rest of my laundry, which was consequently subject to major amounts of towel lint. Luckily I was mostly washing exercise clothes. The t-shirts made it out okay, but not so much for my exercise pants and shorts. One pair looks like it was attacked by a shedding polar bear being chased by a newly sheared sheep still trailing remnants of wool. I think I'll be giving that particular pair another wash.

But that's all behind me, and because I worked an earlier shift today, I'm off to meet Jack, Helen and Erin for a Sunday night cocktail. We probably won't land at Favorite Bar because Erin isn't a huge fan, but really, is there actually anywhere else worth patronizing?

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terry said...

shedding polar bear being chased by a newly sheared sheep...hahahahahaha, THAT's funny.

and i hate when that happens.

and how could someone not love Favorite Bar??