Sunday, February 12, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 4

This afternoon I found myself humming a couple of songs that my "band" would have covered, had my rock star aspirations not given way years ago to other interests like broadcasting, writing and acting.

"All I Wanted" by In Tua Nua
Apparently this band out of Ireland was discovered by Bono in the mid-80's. Who knew? What I know is that this tune from their 1988 album The Long Acre features vocals wonderfully belted by singer Leslie Dowdall. Who wouldn't want to sing along?

"Understanding Jane" by Icicle Works
Most American new wave fans will know Icicle Works for their fabulous "Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)," but a few years later "Understanding Jane" was a hit in the U.K. and popped up on college and commercial alternative radio stations (what few of them there were then) on this side of the Atlantic. Catchy guitar pop like this wins my heart every time.

By the way, I live out those old rock star aspirations of mine for about 45 minutes or so everyday when I go running or hit the gym. Cardio goes by much faster when you imagine yourself performing all the songs on your iPod. And sometimes I think about reviving the muscle memory I taught my fingers in junior high and high school by taking up guitar again. But that said, I'm pretty much content to remain a music fan; my arts-infused media life treats me pretty well.

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Scott said...

hey melissa. your blog is off the hook. in a similar vein, i have comverting all the mix tapes i made at wbru and converting them to CD and then to mp3 and then slamming them on my iPod so i can now listen to inspiral carpets and mighty mighty lemon drops anywhere, anytime.