Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol. 6

X at the Great American Music Hall

I may be only 36, but still I say you know you're old when...
1. You wear pearls to an X concert, and it doesn't occur to you that such an accessory might be out of place.
2. You and your friend lament the fact that you forgot your earplugs.
3. You are recoil in horror when people start to slam dance.
In my defense on that last one, is there anything more pathetic than a bunch of 45-year old men slam dancing? Survey says no. I know we were all at a punk rock show, but pull yourselves together, people. You're closer to AARP membership than you are to the halcyon days of your youth. Slam dancing maniacs aside, the show was fabulous. I got to sing along with "True Love, pt 1," "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," "Los Angeles," "Devil Doll," "White Girl," "Hungry Wolf" and so many other greats. Unfortunately, they didn't play my absolute favorite X song, "The New World," but I suppose no concert is perfect. And they were tremendously fun to watch. Billy Zoom mugged for everyone's cell phone cameras and seemed to be channeling a less manic version of Jerry Lee Lewis. Exene was significantly less drunk/high/whatever than she was at the Knitters show last year. DJ Bonebrake looked happy as a clam behind his drum kit. And John Doe was... John Doe. Need I say more?

And finally, you really know you're getting old when you're happy that the band members are also so old that they finish the show before midnight, allowing you to get to bed at a halfway decent hour.

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terry said...

ah, yes... the slam-dancing, more than 20 years too late.
GREAT fun...!