Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Books That Are Making Me Happy Today, vol 1

I'm addicted to bookstores. I always say Borders and Cody's are like crack to me, and sometimes I have to force myself to stay away. Often I'll go in just to browse and come out with four books my bookshelves have no room for. Anyway, I noticed the book Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld in the bookstore last year, but I vowed to wait until it came out on paperback before I bought it. So I'm cheap; I still love to read.

I'm only on page 77, but so far I have not been disappointed. Okay, there have been a couple of things about the book that haven't thrilled me, but I have forgiven them. You see, I went to private school my whole life. And while my small high school was a day school in suburban Los Angeles, as opposed to a New England boarding school... several details in this narrative have taken me right back to those college preparatory days.

I'll let you know if it takes a turn for the worse, but so far, this novel is living up to its critical praise.

For the record, I was actually in a book club a few years ago. And we were ambitious: we read political non-fiction. But honestly, Heidi, Sheela, Maya, Cheryl and I spent more time talking about boys than we did discussing the books. Much more. But then we branched out a bit and threw a couple of very successful parties. Who says smart girls don't have fun?

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